Rounds Three and Four

My good showing in round two got me bumped up with some higher level seeds for round three.  It did not go well.  One player won all four games which is so rare that he won a $100 bounty.  We played Tommy (fourth), Indiana Jones (third), Genie (fourth) and Pat Hand (third).  

The third round bounced me down from around 130 seed to around 250.  We played Paragon (second), Taxi (first), Demolition Man (third) and a Williams Em (fourth).

Round five starts at 9:30.  It is the last round of the day.  When we are done today, we will know which division we will play in tomorrow.

Taylor is playing so well that he entered this round as a 53rd seed.  He played in the fourth round against the designer of Monopoly.  




Round Two


After each round, the seeds are reset.  In round two, I played Pirates of the Carribean (second), Super Straight (first), Sharpshooter (second) and Terminator 2 (second).  My finishes left me with nine points.  Played with three very nice guys.  Potc played faster than any machine I have played here so far.  

Round One in the Books

For rouImagend one, I played bank 21 which included: Star Trek The Next Generation, Mars Landing, Party Zone and Roller Disco.  I had only played one of the games before today.  I lost St:Tng and Party Zone, came in second on Roller Disco and won Mars.  I think that leaves me with five points for the first round.  

My group included two guys from the FSPA and a guy from one hour north of Pittsburgh.  

Second round starts up at 1:30.  

Pinburgh 2014


Taylor and I are in Pittsburgh for the Pinburgh 2014 tournament at the facility.  We will face off with 398 other players today and see where we end up.  We had a few hours in the facility last night.  The selection of machines is amazing.  We played many machines that I have never played.  Roll call at 11 today.  Updates to follow. 

Pinburgh 2014

Sorry for the long time between posts.  Taylor and I are getting ready to head up to Pittsburgh, PA for Pinburgh 2014 at the PAPA facility.  This is a three day tournament involving 400 players.  The PAPA facility has an incredible collection of pinball machines which are well maintained and set to play at a punishingly difficult level.  We will work to post during the tournament here and on the rivercityflippers instagram feed.

The pre-tournament seeding has River City Flippers members in the following positions: Bayless Rutherford at #67, Taylor Reese #228, Jeremy Hakes #240, Chris Booberg #257 and Emilia Phillips #358.

Here is a video from PAPA to give you an idea how things will go.  Updates to follow.

Season 3 Round 2

ImageSecond round of Season 2 took place at the Boocade with 17 players making the trip. Great competitive pinball and some not so great pinball took place. Personally I rode both ends of the equation with a couple high scores on WCS and WW but played so horribly on RFM that it put me in a pinch to save the round.

Bayless put up some very consistent scores to gain the most points on the night. Scott put up a monster score on RFM and in warmups dropped a score high enough to get on the board of WCS.

Games for the night included RFM, WCS’94, FT, JL and WW. Iron Man was left out of the lineup for the night due to a random draw. The gasp that went through the room left me with goosebumps thinking that a Russian type takeover may be about to go down. Level headedness prevailed though and while it was missed it left a great game for people to grab games on once their groups finished up.

Here are the overall points after round 2.


Pin(t)s for Kids 3

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.28.51 PMWell tonight I’m running my third Pin(t)s for Kids tournament. These were started about two years ago as a charity tournament to benefit the local food bank’s program for providing kids with meals. Since then we have raised around $2000. Sharing a hobby I love like this is the most rewarding things I have ever done. Not only do I get to use my games to help others, but I also get a chance to share my passion with non pinheads. More often than not a story creeps out how basically everyone played pinball at some point in their lives and how great it is to be getting a chance to play again. Several of our league members were sucked in by these tournaments.

I’ll post more after the tournament but it has been a while since posting and this certainly seemed like a good thing to share.

Keep flipping- Taylor