JPOP audio interview

This is an interview with JPOP who runs the Zidware studio.  He is currently working on two small run pinball machines Magic Girl and Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland.  Both machines are well overdue and this interview helps to explain the reasons.  The main reason is Jpop’s well known obsession with perfection.  This has lead many to speculate that the artist in him will never be satisfied and he will never end up releasing a game.

It sounds like he is planning to answer the critics at pinball expo which is coming up in October.  He is no longer allowing owners to visit his studio as he wants them to wait to see what he is going to offer at expo along with everyone else.


Email from Gary Stern to Stern distributors

From Gary ….
Dear Ladies & Gentlemen
In my email two weeks ago I announced that our next pinball title is The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead TV series, about a Zombie apocalypse and based on the comic books of the same name, is soon to start its 5th season worldwide. This show continues to break ratings records for the over 120 countries in which it is televised.
I am more excited about this game than I have been about a pinball machine in years. This game captures the world of The Walking Dead with brilliant art and great playfield mechanical toys.
I love to shoot The Walking Dead playfield. The shots are great, and the ramps are smooth. Included among the mechanical devices and toys are a “Cell Block C” with cell doors that are bashed to open, then a Walker bash head inside, “Well Walker” bash toy, a playfield magnet, 3 bank drop target, a shot lane returning the ball to the shooter, custom molded Walker characters, decaled cabinet and speaker panel, and more. We have designed a new and reliable star rollover switch, always a favorite in past games. And of course all the playfield lighting is LED’s.
The Walking Dead Pro is loaded.
The Walking Dead Limited Edition is even more loaded with features, including a Crossbow ball firing mechanism, fire button in the lockdown bar, “Well Walker” guts, a 2nd playfield magnet at the “Well Walker”, a magnetic ramp ball diverter, “Governor’s Fish Tank” with illuminated head, a single bank drop target, spinning targets, traditional playfield supports and lock down bar, rust powder coated armor etc., unique decal art, and mirrored backglass. The LE has multicolor GI lighting, and certain inserts have tri-color control lamp LED’s.
We have designed a The Walking Dead Pro model with production starting next week and a 600 game The Walking Dead Limited Edition model for production in late October. The Pro distributor price will be the same as price established starting on August 15. We will tell you the LE price as we talk with you. As in the past, a deposit is required from our distributors with their LE orders, and there is an added charge to specify a particular LE number, should that number be available.
I have attached The Walking Dead Pro and LE photos, a Game Features matrix, and today’s Press release.
Did I say that I love this game? I do!

Pinburgh 2015 tickets on sale December 7, 2014

imagePinburgh 2015 is going to take place July 30 – August 2, 2015.  The annual Pinburgh match play tournament is going to take place as part of Replayfx.  Pinburgh is limited to 400 participants.  Last year, the 400 spots sold out in 1.5 hours which was a record.  As a result, you can expect that people are going to place their orders right at noon on December 7. 2014.  The cost for Pinburgh is $104.99.  Save your pennies and mark your calendar.

River City Flippers Season Four Starts in less than one week


rcf back


We are starting our fourth season on September 9, 2014.  At this point, we are full with 20 players and we have a couple of people who are waiting to take any spots that open up.  We are going to try to figure out a way to increase the league membership, but we are limited by space as we play on private collections.  This season we have added a third private location which may open up all three locations for more public/non-league tournaments.