Tilt Warning Custom Pinball

Tiltwarning is a group that works with artists to create custom re-themed pinball machines. In looking at their website this morning, I noticed that they were responsible for the machine Freak Out. This machine has striking art that made it stand out among the many, many machines in the PAPA facility. Taylor played it during his round at Pinburgh this year and I don’t think he walked away happy with his outing. Take a look through the site at the incredible art on their machines.

PAPA 17 World Championships

The PAPA 17 world championships are coming up Aug 14-17 at the PAPA headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.  Even if you don’t compete, this is one of the two times per year that the PAPA facility is open to the public.  During the Pinburgh tournament, all 400 players play each round at the same time.  Although there are probably 50 to 75 machines available for public play during the rounds, the majority of the machines are in use during qualifying rounds.  At PAPA 17, a bank of qualifying machines will be used to qualify players for the finals with the majority of the machines available for free play.  This is the best chance all year to play the machines in the PAPA facility,

Pinburgh Photos

Here is a link to some great photos of Pinburgh 2014.

Pinburgh Photojournalism

Funwithbonus.com is a very interesting blog that is run by Steve Bowden who is an exceptional pinball player.

Rounds Three and Four

My good showing in round two got me bumped up with some higher level seeds for round three.  It did not go well.  One player won all four games which is so rare that he won a $100 bounty.  We played Tommy (fourth), Indiana Jones (third), Genie (fourth) and Pat Hand (third).  

The third round bounced me down from around 130 seed to around 250.  We played Paragon (second), Taxi (first), Demolition Man (third) and a Williams Em (fourth).

Round five starts at 9:30.  It is the last round of the day.  When we are done today, we will know which division we will play in tomorrow.

Taylor is playing so well that he entered this round as a 53rd seed.  He played in the fourth round against the designer of Monopoly.  



Pinburgh 2014


Taylor and I are in Pittsburgh for the Pinburgh 2014 tournament at the Papa.org facility.  We will face off with 398 other players today and see where we end up.  We had a few hours in the facility last night.  The selection of machines is amazing.  We played many machines that I have never played.  Roll call at 11 today.  Updates to follow. 

Pinburgh 2014

Sorry for the long time between posts.  Taylor and I are getting ready to head up to Pittsburgh, PA for Pinburgh 2014 at the PAPA facility.  This is a three day tournament involving 400 players.  The PAPA facility has an incredible collection of pinball machines which are well maintained and set to play at a punishingly difficult level.  We will work to post during the tournament here and on the rivercityflippers instagram feed.

The pre-tournament seeding has River City Flippers members in the following positions: Bayless Rutherford at #67, Taylor Reese #228, Jeremy Hakes #240, Chris Booberg #257 and Emilia Phillips #358.

Here is a video from PAPA to give you an idea how things will go.  Updates to follow.