RVAPinball City Championship 8.16.15 at Isley Brewing Co.


RVAPinball will hold its second tournament on August 16, 2015 at Isley Brewing Co. in Richmond, VA.  The First Annual RVAPinball City Championship is happening on August 16, 2015 from noon to six at Isley Brewing Company.

Warmups will be from noon to one. Qualifying from one to five. Finals from five to six.


Entries will be $5 for a qualifying entry of five games. The score per machine will be recorded with points granted for the player’s position among all scores per machine.

At the end of qualifying, the top sixteen qualifiers will compete in a double elimination tournament to determine the RVAPinball City Champion.

We will have event t-shirts available for pre-order.

There will be prizes for first,second and third place. There will be drawings for other prizes.

Entry fees will be donated to Rocks For Socks a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to provide new socks and underwear to the patients at the Remote Area Medical Clinic (RAM) Wise, VA.

IFPA points will be awarded pending IFPA approval of the event.


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