A Pinball Short Film

About six weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a guy named Scott Roberts who I thought wanted to play in the league. He responded and said that he is a student at VCU who was assigned to do a ten minute film on a subculture. He had seen an article in Wired magazine about increased interest in pinball. A google search lead him to this blog and then to me. Taylor hosted a pinball night at his house during which Scott interviewed members of our league. I also told Scott that he should get in touch with Kevin Stone who hosts Pinholics in Northern Virginia. The result of Scott’s hard work is this excellent short film.

Dutch Pinball – The Big Lebowski

This is a longer video from what looks like the floor of Expo 2014 showing gameplay on The Big Lebowski.  There a couple of stuck balls in the video which ends up being a nice opportunity to see the tilt screen and the game menu.  The ramp shots look like they flow really well and the LCD animations look very smooth and well done.  It is hard to hear, but I think I heard some pretty funny call outs from the movie.  Although I’m not usually that excited about upper playfields, it looks like it plays well and I think you enter the upper playfield bowling alley to get to the amazing lower playfield bowler.  When you add in Jesus on the LCD screen polishing his ball, you can’t ask for much more.

The Walking Dead Tutorial

With the Flippers tournament coming up and no Walking Dead machine nearby to pump quarters into, this tutorial may be the best thing we have to figure out what the heck is going on.

Taylor and I had a chance to play it at the York show.  The shots are pretty  familiar and I remember a couple of tight shots on the right on the sides of the ramps.  It seems like it takes a long time for the ball to get all the way around the ramps and back to the Flippers.  It will feel pretty familiar to anyone who is familiar with modern Stern machines.