Lotr on location


There is a LOTR on location on midlo tpke in skyzone trampoline park. It is in pretty good shape for a routes game. The rubber and the pops are tired and the switch on the left vuk doesn’t work. It also leans right, but it is still pretty fun.


Wheel of Fortune Tutorial

Bowen has returned with another excellent tutorial.  I have only seen this game once.  I played it a few times and felt like I had no idea what was going on.  Bowen is better at pinball than I am.



River City Flippers Season Three Results

imageSeason three ended with a pot luck dinner/tournament. Here is how things ended. Congrats to the winners!


Vid1900’s Guides in PDF

Vid1900 is a pinside.com member who has a tremendous knowledge of pinball history and repair. His guides are so well done that they have been included as sticky topics on pinside.com.

In order to make them easier to access, a pinsider has converted them to .pdf and uploaded them to Dropbox.

They can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ec0fk9vgy0wvysc/vXKp5Spsla.


Dutch Pinball shows the cabinet art for Big Lebowski

Dutch Pinball has released another slick video for Big Lebowski. This one contains a cabinet mock up showing some good looking cabinet art and what looks like an LCD in the backbox displaying a clip from the movie.


Tilt Warning Custom Pinball

Tiltwarning is a group that works with artists to create custom re-themed pinball machines. In looking at their website this morning, I noticed that they were responsible for the machine Freak Out. This machine has striking art that made it stand out among the many, many machines in the PAPA facility. Taylor played it during his round at Pinburgh this year and I don’t think he walked away happy with his outing. Take a look through the site at the incredible art on their machines.