Pin(t)s for Kids 3

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 1.28.51 PMWell tonight I’m running my third Pin(t)s for Kids tournament. These were started about two years ago as a charity tournament to benefit the local food bank’s program for providing kids with meals. Since then we have raised around $2000. Sharing a hobby I love like this is the most rewarding things I have ever done. Not only do I get to use my games to help others, but I also get a chance to share my passion with non pinheads. More often than not a story creeps out how basically everyone played pinball at some point in their lives and how great it is to be getting a chance to play again. Several of our league members were sucked in by these tournaments.

I’ll post more after the tournament but it has been a while since posting and this certainly seemed like a good thing to share.

Keep flipping- Taylor


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