Season 3 Round 2

ImageSecond round of Season 2 took place at the Boocade with 17 players making the trip. Great competitive pinball and some not so great pinball took place. Personally I rode both ends of the equation with a couple high scores on WCS and WW but played so horribly on RFM that it put me in a pinch to save the round.

Bayless put up some very consistent scores to gain the most points on the night. Scott put up a monster score on RFM and in warmups dropped a score high enough to get on the board of WCS.

Games for the night included RFM, WCS’94, FT, JL and WW. Iron Man was left out of the lineup for the night due to a random draw. The gasp that went through the room left me with goosebumps thinking that a Russian type takeover may be about to go down. Level headedness prevailed though and while it was missed it left a great game for people to grab games on once their groups finished up.

Here are the overall points after round 2.



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