High Quality Replacement Side Rails from Reese Rails


Taylor Reese is one of the founders of River City Flippers and is a skilled woodworker.  For over seven years, he has been making replacement side rails for pinball machines.  The rails are sanded very smooth and covered in a thick, black lacquer.  There are a number of rails listed on his site that he can make upon request.  If he hasn’t yet made the rails you need, you can send them to him and he will get them made for you.  The rails are a good value at $55 shipped to most of the U.S. with CA, OR and WA requiring $5 additional shipping.

Flippers Spring Tournament on April 25

Flippers Arcade in Grandy, NC has announced that they are going to have a Spring tournament on April 25, 2015.  The only available details right now are that they will have an A division and a B division for less experienced players.  Flippers is hoping to be included in next years PAPA Circuit.  In order to do that, they need at least forty people to attend the tournament this year.

Flippers does a great job running their tournaments and is an amazing arcade.  They have almost all, if not all, the modern Stern machines as well as A and B list Bally/Williams titles.   The machines are all in excellent condition and play very well.

This is an IFPA sanctioned event which will award WPPR points as well as North Carolina State points.  There will be cash prizes and trophies awarded.

Saturday, April 25, 2015 starting at 11:00 am or noon
Located at 6615 Caratoke Hwy. in Grandy, NC
20 minutes from the Outer Banks of NC
$ 20.00 Entry Fee which will include a free
Tournament Shirt.
1st Place: Trophy & 40% of Entry Fee &
2nd Place: Trophy & 30% of Entry Fee
3rd Place: Trophy & 20% of Entry Fee
4th Place: Trophy & 10 %. of Entry Fee

Follow Flippers on Facebook for updates.

IFPA State Championship Series

Today is the day for the IFPA State Championships. River City Flippers has players in Northern Virginia for the Virginia Championships and at Flippers for the North Carolina championships. More details to follow. Updates on Facebook.com/rvapinball and on twitter @rvapinball and on Instagram @richmondpinball.

The Virginia bracket can be viewed at http://www.challonge.com/ifpa2015vascs

Good News and Bad News for Spooky Pinball

Charlie Emery has been operating the Spooky Pinball podcast and is now up to 58 podcasts so far.  In addition, Charlie has started a pinball manufacturing company called Spooky Pinball.  Spooky Pinball is the first of the boutique pinball manufacturers (Zidware, Dutch Pinball, Riot Pinball, Heighway Pinball) to design, produce and manufacture a machine.  Spooky is currently taking orders for and shipping a game designed by Ben Heck called America’s Most Haunted.  Ben has posted an interesting history of the development of America’s Most Haunted here.

I had a chance to play America’s Most Haunted at the York show this year.  In spite of the fact that there were a hundred or more pinball machines on free play in the hall, there was always a line to play America’s Most Haunted and The Walking Dead as they were two of the most recently released machines.

I really liked America’s Most Haunted.  It looks like a machine produced by a large company.  The artwork looks great and the fit and finish of the machine is good too. The game play is fast and difficult which is the way I like a machine to play.  I was only able to play a couple of games, but I really liked it.  I wish I had played it a few more times, but there were many distractions at the York show and the time seemed to fly by.

Because of my interest in America’s Most Haunted, I was excited to hear that Nate Shivers of Coast 2 Coast pinball had bought one and would review it on an upcoming podcast.  The current podcast of Coast 2 Coast Pinball (number 130), contains Nate’s initial impressions of the machine.  He gives it a positive review, but has a few criticisms.  It is a well done podcast, as usual, and gives the most in depth information about America’s Most Haunted that has been available so far from someone not directly associated with the machine.

The other news related to Spooky Pinball came from another boutique pinball creator, Riot Pinball, LLC.  Riot Pinball has been working on a machine called Wrath of Olympus.  Wrath of Olympus started as a visual pinball program.  The design proved to be popular and its designer decided to make the leap to creating an actual machine.

There are two prototype Wrath of Olympus machines which have been shown and been available to play at a number of pinball shows.  Wrath of Olympus has a deep rule set and some interesting features like the ability to choose a mode to start the game in order to practice that mode without having to play through the game to achieve the mode.

Based on good response at the shows where it was plated, Riot reach an agreement with Spooky Pinball to produce Wrath of Olympus machines.  The history and plans for Wrath of Olympus is covered well in the most recent Spooky Pinball podcast.  Riot announced that the machine would be produced by Spooky Pinball if they received commitments to purchase 100 machines.  Unlike some other boutique manufacturers, Riot did not require payment up front to find the research and design before making the machines.  Riot and Spooky worked out a bill of materials and the cost of producing the machines and set the price at $8.000.

Unfortunately, there were only around 50 commitments to purchase Wrath of Olympus machines and the planned production of the game will not occur.  The good news is the Riot Pinball has recently posted that they continue to work on the code for the game which leads to a hope that Wrath of Olympus will be produced someday.

Interesting New Tourney Format


I was checking on the events calendar on pinside and came across a tournament like no other. James Daley is running the tournament and he is also your first round opponent. To qualify for the tournament, you have to play James and beat him in the best out of five games. I really like the creativity involved here and hope to get to DC to challenge James soon.

Looking at RVA Pinball in 2015

The end of 2014 has seen River City Flippers maintain its maximum number of 20 members.  We have an active group of pinheads who spread the word about pinball at every turn.  Just down the street from the River City Flippers locations, a second league has formed and it filled up almost as quickly as it was announced.

Richmond sits in the shadow of the Northern VA/DC/MD area where there is a lot of public and private pinball and many excellent players.  How can we get the word out and get more pinball excitement here in Richmond?

I have heard that there are plans to have a public location opening soon with four or five tables.  That should be enough to have league nights at that location and tournaments as well.  Anyone interested in Richmond pinball needs to be sure to support what little location pinball we have and encourage those locations to maintain their machines.  I know that RVAPinball.org and River City Flippers will offer support to any location and would be happy to run tournaments in any location enough machines.

I hope to have more tournaments in my home arcade this year and bring my machines out to the public more often like we did at Glave Klocen gallery.  The owners of the gallery enjoyed having the machines and said that they were very popular with their visitors.  Each machine was played over 400 times during a three week period.  The gallery owners said many of the people were happy to be able to play pinball for the first time in years.

If you know of a location that would like to host a pinball tournament or have a machine on location, please let us know.  If you have a pinball machine and would be willing to have it be part of a pop up/temporary arcade/tournament in Richmond, please let us know that too.

Hopefully, 2015 will be the year that Richmond takes steps to add location pinball to our fantastic dining, art and beer scenes.



Can you get away to Northern Virginia this weekend?  If so, you can get in three IFPA/WPPR tournaments in a two day period.

Start out at noon on Saturday at Mighty Mike’s in Sterling, VA for Flippin’ With the Greats

Make your move to Pinholics Anonymous to close out Saturday

If you are still standing and need more pinball Sunday head north to – Third Annual Day After Kevin Stone’s Quarterly Tournament

Can you handle it?