Can you get away to Northern Virginia this weekend?  If so, you can get in three IFPA/WPPR tournaments in a two day period.

Start out at noon on Saturday at Mighty Mike’s in Sterling, VA for Flippin’ With the Greats

Make your move to Pinholics Anonymous to close out Saturday

If you are still standing and need more pinball Sunday head north to – Third Annual Day After Kevin Stone’s Quarterly Tournament

Can you handle it?


Calling all Pinholics!

The next meeting of the Pinholics Anonymous Quarterly takes place at the House of Stone, Kevin Stone, in McClean on June 14, 2014.  This is a good tournament to attend for a couple of reasons.  Many of the strong tournament players from Northern Virginia and Maryland attend so the competition level is high.  There are also WPPR points available which count towards the Virginia State Championship.  Finally, it is good practice for the Virginia State Championship which was held at Kevin’s house last year and will likely be there again this year.