Looking at RVA Pinball in 2015

The end of 2014 has seen River City Flippers maintain its maximum number of 20 members.  We have an active group of pinheads who spread the word about pinball at every turn.  Just down the street from the River City Flippers locations, a second league has formed and it filled up almost as quickly as it was announced.

Richmond sits in the shadow of the Northern VA/DC/MD area where there is a lot of public and private pinball and many excellent players.  How can we get the word out and get more pinball excitement here in Richmond?

I have heard that there are plans to have a public location opening soon with four or five tables.  That should be enough to have league nights at that location and tournaments as well.  Anyone interested in Richmond pinball needs to be sure to support what little location pinball we have and encourage those locations to maintain their machines.  I know that RVAPinball.org and River City Flippers will offer support to any location and would be happy to run tournaments in any location enough machines.

I hope to have more tournaments in my home arcade this year and bring my machines out to the public more often like we did at Glave Klocen gallery.  The owners of the gallery enjoyed having the machines and said that they were very popular with their visitors.  Each machine was played over 400 times during a three week period.  The gallery owners said many of the people were happy to be able to play pinball for the first time in years.

If you know of a location that would like to host a pinball tournament or have a machine on location, please let us know.  If you have a pinball machine and would be willing to have it be part of a pop up/temporary arcade/tournament in Richmond, please let us know that too.

Hopefully, 2015 will be the year that Richmond takes steps to add location pinball to our fantastic dining, art and beer scenes.


Project Pinball

Project Pinball is a charity that combines a passion for pinball with a desire to bring some needed recreation to hospitalized kids.  Project Pinball is a 501(c)(3) charity that is dedicated to placing pinball machines in children’s hospitals.  The IFPA is supporting Project Pinball through a July fundrasing campaign.   There will be special WPPR points eligible tournaments in July to raise money for Project Pinball.  You can show your support by attending a tournament, making a donation or buying a t-shirt.
The tournament listing can be found here.

 Project Pinball Tshirt Mockup2

PAPA 17 World Championships

The PAPA 17 world championships are coming up Aug 14-17 at the PAPA headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.  Even if you don’t compete, this is one of the two times per year that the PAPA facility is open to the public.  During the Pinburgh tournament, all 400 players play each round at the same time.  Although there are probably 50 to 75 machines available for public play during the rounds, the majority of the machines are in use during qualifying rounds.  At PAPA 17, a bank of qualifying machines will be used to qualify players for the finals with the majority of the machines available for free play.  This is the best chance all year to play the machines in the PAPA facility,