A Pinball Short Film

About six weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a guy named Scott Roberts who I thought wanted to play in the league. He responded and said that he is a student at VCU who was assigned to do a ten minute film on a subculture. He had seen an article in Wired magazine about increased interest in pinball. A google search lead him to this blog and then to me. Taylor hosted a pinball night at his house during which Scott interviewed members of our league. I also told Scott that he should get in touch with Kevin Stone who hosts Pinholics in Northern Virginia. The result of Scott’s hard work is this excellent short film.


The Hobbit Revealed – What do you think of Smaug?

This is one of the first videos of The Hobbit pinball which was revealed at yesterday’s pinball Expo.  The reaction to the Smaug toy – which I think was promised to have an unprecedented level of interaction with the ball – seems pretty muted so far.  In this video, it looks like the mountain spins around to reveal Smaug when multiball starts and his head tracks the ball and his jaw opens and closes.

Playfield Art for the Hobbit

Jersey Jack Pinball has released playfield art for The Hobbit which will be the second JJP machine.  You can see a large scale photo of the art work here.

Click to access PDF+-+JJP-TH-Plyfld-Art.pdf

It is always hard to judge playfield art without seeing it on a populated playfield.  That said, I don’t like it as much as WOZ, but that is probably because the WOZ theme lends itself to bright colors.  The Hobbit has a more muted color scheme to correspond with the theme.

What do you think?

Wizard of OZ code update 1.22


Installed new code and figured I’d share a video of the gameplay.

Wizard of Oz is the first pinball machine built by Jersey Jack Pinball.
The game is obviously based on the iconic movie and is still in the process of having its code written. I would of course rather have a completely coded game but watching the code development has been very eye opening. Very impressive stuff. Enjoy.