Dutch Pinball – The Big Lebowski

This is a longer video from what looks like the floor of Expo 2014 showing gameplay on The Big Lebowski.  There a couple of stuck balls in the video which ends up being a nice opportunity to see the tilt screen and the game menu.  The ramp shots look like they flow really well and the LCD animations look very smooth and well done.  It is hard to hear, but I think I heard some pretty funny call outs from the movie.  Although I’m not usually that excited about upper playfields, it looks like it plays well and I think you enter the upper playfield bowling alley to get to the amazing lower playfield bowler.  When you add in Jesus on the LCD screen polishing his ball, you can’t ask for much more.


The Dude Abides

Check out The Big Lebowski! White Russian, Upper Playfield, Color DMD, Lower Playfield Bowling mech!

The Big Lebowski looks like the hit of Expo 2014. I watched the beginning of the Dutch Pinball presentation last night. The speaker started out by emphasizing that they are pinball players who love pinball and want to make great pinball. He said that he had talked to the head of a large pinball company who said that he was in the manufacturing business and worried about numbers and production. The speaker for Dutch Pinball said – if you feel that way you may as well f’in make a coffin because your soul is dead. That is a strong statement and it looks like The Big Lebowski pinball is a strong statement too.

The Hobbit Revealed – What do you think of Smaug?

This is one of the first videos of The Hobbit pinball which was revealed at yesterday’s pinball Expo.  The reaction to the Smaug toy – which I think was promised to have an unprecedented level of interaction with the ball – seems pretty muted so far.  In this video, it looks like the mountain spins around to reveal Smaug when multiball starts and his head tracks the ball and his jaw opens and closes.