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A week or so ago, I sent one of our league t-shirts to John Popadiuk.  When he got it, he posted this image on  Thanks for helping us spread RCF far and wide!


JPOP audio interview

This is an interview with JPOP who runs the Zidware studio.  He is currently working on two small run pinball machines Magic Girl and Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland.  Both machines are well overdue and this interview helps to explain the reasons.  The main reason is Jpop’s well known obsession with perfection.  This has lead many to speculate that the artist in him will never be satisfied and he will never end up releasing a game.

It sounds like he is planning to answer the critics at pinball expo which is coming up in October.  He is no longer allowing owners to visit his studio as he wants them to wait to see what he is going to offer at expo along with everyone else.