Lou Reed and Pinball

One night during league night, Sam told me about a cool Lou Reed song describing going to the arcade and playing games.  I hadn’t heard the song, so Sam pulled out his phone and played me a little of the song.  I like Lou Reed and to know he liked arcades made me like him even more.

Today, I saw the following which was posted about Lou Reed by his friend Bert Hollman of the Allman Brothers Band.  I have excerpted the part describing how much Lou liked to play pinball.


Lou and I bonded on tour late night playing pinball in hotel children’s game rooms to the point that I carried $50 in quarters where ever we went. I was mandated to book hotels that had pinball machines. He was a master of the slanted table and each players turn could take 10 or 15 minutes while the other remained a spectator and we chatted about life.