Hey Look Waterskiers!

Fish Tales tutorial by the current PAPA Champion and master of the tutorial, Bowen Kerins.  The bluegrass music seems to make Fish Tales a love it or hate it game.  I love the music and the various callouts.  As Bowen notes in the video, there is so much music and sound in the game that there is a separate music theme that only comes up when you enter your initials for an achievement.

Bowen also refers to the fact that many tournament players don’t try to lock balls for multiball because it so often leads to a drain.  Instead, many tournament players focus on the boat ramp.  Unless you can reach the super jackpot in multiball, there are many easier ways to come up with similar scores.  My favorite quote is “multiball in Fish Tales frequently just flames out with nothing on the board.”

Lots of pinball diehards don’t like video modes where you stop playing pinball and play a video game on the DMD.  Fish Tales has to be an exception to this rule. I challenge you to not enjoy shooting torpedoes at boats and waterskiers.


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