About a month ago, I made a deal with a member of to buy his Iron Man.  When I got it home, the GC (Grand Champion) score was 89,000,000.  I changed the settings on the game to make each multiball harder to achieve.  I started to feel pretty sure that I would not be able to reach the GC and would be stuck looking at the initials TAD for a while.  Iron Man has average scoring of 4 to 5 million per multiball.  Iron Man also has two very big scoring opportunities that are difficult to achieve.

Each time you complete a mode (multiball, shield, iron man) you light one of the Mark I-VI circles. The Mark circles stay lit from ball to ball.  Once you light all six, the center shot lights a mode called Jericho.  Jericho is a one ball mode in which all of the multiball and mode targets are worth 250,000 to start with values increasing with each shot.  There is also a reward for completion of each multiball and mode target which starts at 2,000,000 and increases.

The other scoring opportunity is Do or Die.  In order to light Do or Die, the player must complete all multiballs and modes in the same ball. Given the speed and difficulty of Iron Man, this is not an easy task.  Do or Die is a 35 million point countdown jackpot which is collected by shooting the center shot.

in the GC game, I started the third ball with War Machine and War Monger lit and about 14 million points.  I hit Do or Die for 29 million and hit 49 million during Jericho.

GC now says CCB.


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