Pinball Sites

Thanks to Taylor for getting this blog up and running.  Hopefully, it will be a good spot for us to upload photos, videos, share high scores, sell and trade machines, share info on public machines, announce tournaments, update league standings and events and do anything else we want related to pinball.

To start, here are some of my favorites pinball sites: – for sale section and the best forum for everything that is going on in pinball – this is a blog by John Popaduik who is a well known designer and is currently working on creating two new machines for his company Zidware – fantastic arcade in NC which has frequent tournaments – this is the craigslist engine that I use to keep up with local pinball sales – richmond pinball league youtube channel  – I am working on my camera set up so this will hopefully have more videos soon – great resource for tutorial videos and updates on pinball happenings – good site with a forum for members.  Mostly guys from nc and sc, but the forums are pretty lively and have good machines for sale from time to time.  You have to request to be added as a member because of the volume of spam they receive.


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