Thoughts from Jar-Jar (Raven) on His New Purchase

Raven is a moped game.  Fun to play, but a little embarrassing.  I failed to mention buying it for a few days, just because it isn’t that exciting.  I am enjoying practicing my ball control.  Hopefully, my league play improves.

Since, I held out on announcing my acquisition, Taylor has threatened me with a new nickname, “Raven”.  While I appreciate the indignation at my reticence on this issue, it’s hard to threaten a guy whose nickname is already “Jar-Jar”. 😉

Once I finish this section of the basement, I hope to put in a few more machines.  I want one nice 70s machine and a few newer more exiting titles.  

Little historical note: It was the first machine to have a photo for a back glass.  There are not a lot of machines with photos, because it is a terrible idea 😉



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