Tales from the Creature!

Creature is back home at my place, so it won’t be at Taylor’s next time. The gaping hole should further expedite Dr Who getting finished and put in place, for all of our playing pleasure.
I actually had the best game I’ve ever had on CFTBL two days ago. The funny thing was I was holding my 16 month old girl in my right arm, while she had one foot on the pin and her back pressed against the wall. Unfortunately, she was over it by the time I was on my second extra ball. So before I launched it, I took her upstairs to be with mom. She wasn’t having that either, as she must of wanted to see how the rest of the game would play out. I brought her back down, picked her up and launched the last ball. It drained right down the middle in about 5 seconds. Oh well. She likes dancing to the music at the end. That’s worth leaving TSR (taylor) and HBM (hugh) up there for a little bit longer
But I did find my good luck charm and from now on at league play, if ya’ll don’t mind, I’ll have my daughter strategically placed under my right arm during all game play.
Eh, probably not.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. See ya in December!

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