Bram Stoker’s Dracula- BSD


Dracula- what a beast of a game.

So I first played this game at a fellow hobbyist house when I was working in Baltimore, MD. I probably played about 5 games on it and was hooked. The game has one simple goal, stack three multiballs and every shot is worth 30 MILLION!! Note that I said simple and not easy which is the last word I would think one when describing the game.

BSD was manufactured in 1993.                                                                                                        It was shipped with “lightning” flippers which actually do have a lightning bolt on top. They measure a 1/4″ shorter than traditional flippers and make BSD’s looping ramp shots not only harder to make but more punishing when that ball rolls 40% up the ramp just to come down 100% SDTM!!!

I bought my game back in 2007, way before the game is seeing the love it now gets. I disassembled it to restore shortly after buying it and never played my actual table until the restoration was done. After teardown and play my family moved and the parts were stuffed in boxes, not sure how I got it back together but pretty much ended any trepidation I may have had on fixing a gmae. My BSD is set up pretty hard. Pitch is about 7% and the outlanes are open. GC is over a billion and I have had a couple billion+ games but it is easy to post scores well under a 100 million. I think most league nights a score of 100 million would win it.

Not a full overview but here are the MBs in a nutshell.


Mist MB is easily one of the coolest MBs ever and is probably the best known thing about the game. A ball is carried on a magnet from one side of the plafyield to another. As the ball “floats” the objective is to knock it off the magnet to start  a two ball multiball in which all shots score 10 million. You can light this by hitting the left ramp a certain amount of time, 5?, and then hitting the mystery hole which is located to the top and left of the pops.

Coffin MB- Coffin MB consist of hitting the right ramp enough times, 4 or 5 or 6 I can’t remember, and the ramp will lift for the three locks needed to start the MB. Locks are virtual and the ball gets launched into the pops after each “lock.” The goal is to shoot under the right ramp and to kill Dracula getting the jackpot. This stacked with the other MBs will increase their JPs to 20 or 30 Million depending on how many are stacked. The payoff on this mb is better when stacked that just killing drac. I usually try to get two balls locked and then start Mist.

Castle MB is  a bitch(es). There are two sets in the game. One in the center and one on the left hand side. The targets have to be hit in order they are lit to light the lock. The lock is timed and is made by hitting the left ramp. Three balls are physically locked on the wire form. After starting MB you want to lock two balls on the castle ramp and then go for the Jackpot at the mystery hole.

Now stack all three!!


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