Attack From Mars

IMG_5650Easily one of my favorite, if not favorite, all time pins. AFM was manufactured in 1995 and is still seen on location to this day. My first experience with playing AFM was in the wild on a game that was beat to hell, dirty as dirt and still a blast to play. I knew I had to own one.

I did some searching online for local games for sale but after posting several “price check” post on RGP I was contacted by a member of the LAPD that had one he wanted to sell. I had heard horror stories about shipping but the seller had a great rep and the price was right so I made the deal.

AFM arrived at my house fall of 2007 and it’s first night in my garage I fell asleep playing it. The rules are simple to understand but difficult to master. The playfield is sparse but somehow has enough going on to not feel empty. Good quick ball returns and wickedly fast orbits are only matched by the Saucer sucker shot that no matter how seasoned a player one seems obligated to go for. Damn Aliens.

I installed a new playfield in 2011 and the game plays even faster than when I got it. Outlanes are set to the widest setting and the games settings are set to hard. There are no gimmies on this game and any score above 10 billion is well earned. The GC sits around 35 billion but that was special game that has not been scraped since.

Game play video from the PAPA tutorials.

Printable rule sheet


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