Isley Brewing Co. Three Strike Tournament Recap

The results of both tournaments have been submitted to  I will update once they have been posted with the assigned WPPR points.

Thank you to everyone who participated.  We raised over $700 and have more to raise if we end up printing more shirts.  We need to have pre-orders of at least 13 to do another run. If you would like a shirt, please find the post-tournament t-shirt order thread on and post there with your size.  Once we go over 13 orders, we will send you a paypal invoice.

Main Tournament Results:

1. Bayless Rutherford
2. Andrew Pancoast
3. Rod Cordoba
4. Clark Fraley
5. Malik Berger
5. Scott Durfee
8. Michael Deaner
8. Jim Johns
8. Dan Purdy
8. Joe Cummins
12. Madmike Richardson
12. Nicholas Baldridge
12. Robert Brooks
12. Kevin Kuntz
16. Dave Keene
16. Mike Ogilvie
16. Trey Peterson
16. Raymond Fauber
21. Harry Stewart
21. Jeff McElhannon
21. Ryan Rose
21. Dave Weaver
21. Shane Russell
21. Dale Geiger
26. Katie Rosier
26. Jack McHale
26. Diane Gunter

Side Tournament Results

1. Malik Berger
2. Dale Gieger
3. Daniel Purdy
4. Raymond Fauber
5. Katie Rosier
6. Scott Durfee
7. Chris Booberg
8. Bayless Rutherford
9. Stephanie Lutz
10. Mike Ogilvie
11. Jason Elliott
12. Jeff McElhannon
13. Andrew Pancoast
14. Scott McIntyre
15. Michael Deaner
16. Kevin Kuntz
17. Rod Cordoba
18. John Hughes
19. Allen Fogloshe
20. Thomas Booberg
21. Ayla Russell
22. Zack Wish
23. Taylor Reese
24. Patrick McHugh
25. Michelle Vance


1 thought on “Isley Brewing Co. Three Strike Tournament Recap

  1. Awesome to hear so much was raised. I hope Isley was happy with the crowd. Thanks again for putting this together guys.

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