IFPA Virginia and North Carolina State Championships

The final results from the Virginia State Championships which were held in McLean at Kevin Stone’s house.

Finals Results:
1st – Austin Mackert (lost only 2 games the entire tournament)
2nd – Kevin Stone
3rd – Dale Geiger
4th – Steve Kapinos
5th – Chris Booberg
6th – Joe Schober
7th – Bayless Rutherford
8th – Julie Schober
9th – Steve Stakem
10th – Scott Durfee
11th – Edan Grossman
12th – Jeremy Hakes
13th – Taylor Reese
14th – Daniel Cotter
15th – Gilles Melanson
16th – Mike Ogilvie

River City Flippers was proud to secure 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 16th places. River City Flippers can also claim that Scott was one of the only people to beat Austin in a game.  Austin really sliced through the competition with some incredible playing.

Kevin Stone hosts the Pinholics Quarterly tournaments and has a great basement arcade setup.  The machines in the lineup included – Paragon, Mata Hari, Meteor, Harlem Globetrotters, Stars, Lord of the Rings, Metallica, Jackbot, AC/DC, Tron and No Fear.  The tournament bracket was run on the challonge.com website.  Many of the state tournaments were listed on challonge so we were able to follow the progress across the country including the River City Flippers members who qualified and played in North Carolina.

The North Carolina State Championship was held in the amazing Flippers arcade. River City Flippers had two members playing in the North Carolina field.  Malik came in fourth and Kevin came in tenth.

We are proud to have eight members of our twenty man league in state championship contention.

We are hoping to have more local tournaments this year and we are planning to bring the Virginia State Championship to Richmond in 2015.


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