Richmond Location Pinball

With the Charlottesville Pin Crawl coming up, I was thinking about location pinball in Richmond.  I thnk the only place we have with more than one machine is Putt Putt on Midlothian.  The last time I was there, they had a Rolling Stones and a Stern Indiana Jones.  There is a Lord of the Rings at the Ashland Skating Rink and South Park at the Lakeside Laundromat.  Both chuck e cheese locations have pins, but they are so poorly maintained that they don’t really count.  The Elvis at the River City diner is about as bad as the machines at chuck e. Cheese.  I’m sure I have forgotten or don’t know about a few.  If you know of one near Richmond, please post. 

Thinking about getting together at Putt putt to play a little.  Let me know if you are interested.


3 thoughts on “Richmond Location Pinball

  1. River City Diner has not had their Elvis table in a while – I suspect it’s not coming back. Wonder if that’s the table that found it’s way to Chuck E. Cheese.

    I’ve played the Putt Putt tables several times. Rolling Stones works tolerably well but I’m not crazy about the game play in general. Maybe I just need to figure out the game better. Their Indiana Jones has several problems that usually translates into waiting for lots of ball searches.

    But the good news I was going to wait and post about (but you kind-of beat me to it here) is that there’s a new “Fun N’ Games” arcade in Chesterfield Towne Center. I went in there last week – unfortunately no pinball to be seen. The owner happened to be there so I asked him if he was planning on bringing any in. He said yes! I’m pretty sure he said that he had a couple of tables (plural) waiting in the warehouse that he’d be bringing out soon. He mentioned AC/DC specifically. Hopefully more than one, but we’ll see. Anyway, he said they should be on the floor “next week” which is this week. Haven’t gone out there yet this week to check.

    I found them on Facebook ( where someone posted that there’s a “Fun & Games” arcade at Virginia Center Commons mall that has a Lord of the Rings table. I haven’t been there in many years, but might have to check it out next time I’m near there.

  2. That is really good news. My wife called and told me that there was an arcade at the mall and I was excited until she said that they didn’t have any pinball. I’m pretty sure Fun and Games was the name of the original arcade there back in my middle school years when it was called Chesterfield Mall. That was the first place I played MM.

  3. I dropped in at Fun N’ Games at Chesterfield Towne Center to see if the pins were installed and ready yet.
    They were in house but weren’t ready for play yet. Looks like it’ll be AC/DC and Elvis. Someone was there working diligently on Elvis, so hopefully it’ll be well maintained. Since they were out on the main floor, I’m guessing they’ll be ready for play tonight or tomorrow.

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