New High Score Competition

Last night, a few if us were kicking around an idea for a league based high score competition.  For each machine in league play, we will keep a count of the current high score set by a member during league play.    During warm ups or after league play on league play nights, a league member can challenge the current high score on a machine by paying one dollar per challenge.  High scores could also be challenged anytime a set number of league members is playing at one of the two league locations.  We discussed setting this number at four.  The money for each machine would be distributed following the season end tournament.  

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “New High Score Competition

  1. I’m in. This doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to league play and could just be an ongoing high score to date competition. We could just set the end of league as the end of the competition. We could certainly use league scores as well but just saying it could be a separate thing.

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