How High Is Too High?

To prepare for the Coffee is for Closers tournament, I increased the slope on most of my games.  I think it went well for the most part, but I think Fish Tales is a little too high.  The increased speed is leading to airballs and other bad results.  I am going to play it for a while longer this way, but it may come down if I keep noticing these problems.



I don’t know what it is about pinball but I cannot find my focus. It is easily the weakest part of my game as I can make shot after shot after shot when practicing but when it comes time to execute in a league or tourney game I cannot control myself from going for the blinking light when I know full well that it is not only a weak strategic move but also highly risky. Staying focused on a strategy will not only improve your game but will make you more efficient player.


Trying to Play Better

Something Taylor said to me made me think about what I need to do to get better at pinball.  Taylor said that he is usually trying to think three shots ahead as he is playing.  This made me think that he is playing the machine like a chess player plays against an opponent.  He knows the rules and how to exploit them.  He considers which shots lead to what scoring and the risk/reward of each shot based on its difficulty.   Based on that knowledge of the machine and it’s rules and shots, he develops a strategy to maximize his score through a sequence of shots.

i often take an opposite approach especially if I am not in competition.  On a game like Fish Tales, I will take the first shot on the fly and then adjust my game depending on what I am able to accomplish.  If I lock a ball, I figure I am 1/3 of the way to multiball and will begin to focus on getting multiball.  If I hit the ramp or hit the captive ball, I will focus on those scoring opportunities.  

Given the difficulty of multiball and the fact that you can typically outscore the 30 million multiball jackpot by other easier methods – monster fish, rock the boat, video mode and feeding frenzy, I realize a more strategic approach will lead to higher and more consistent scores.  

Instead of walking up and plunging the ball and waiting to see what happens. I am going to try to approach the machine with a scoring plan.  Having a plan and executing it are two different things, but the plan is the first step.